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20000mAh solar laptop charger

High Capacity 20000mAh Solar Charger Battery for PC Laptop + Mobile Phone

Condition:Brand new,1-Year Warranty!
Our Price: CAD $188.98

20000 mAH portable solar charger and battery for recharging your laptop PC or mobile phone anywhere. Either plug this laptop and cell phone accessory into your car or a wall plug to quickly recharge the battery, or go all green and convert solar energy to electrical energy. This is a multi use item that lets you recharge anything from 5V products such as your ipod or mobile phone, to almost any 16V ~ 22V laptop, and with the incredible amount of included adapters, you will never have to worry about which product you plug in. Simply select the current for your product, attach the correct adapter, and watch it charge..


This is a perfect device for anyone in the wild, at home, or just about anywhere you can think of, and comes with a one year warranty and super low wholesale savings.
At a Glance...
Battery with solar energy recharge for today's most popular cell phones and laptops. This portable power source can be recharged quickly via AC adapter or via the sun when you plan your recharging schedule ahead.

Lithium ion polymer Battery capacity: 3.7V  20000 mAh (74W/h)
Output voltage:USB 5V,3V/6V/9V/12V/16V/19V/22V/24V(optional)
Output current: 1A/5V, 4A/16-24V ), 
Charge voltage: 100~240V AC/DC,
Charging time:<3 hours    
Electric eye dimension : 235mmx145mm
Peak power supplied by photocell:5W
Material of electric eye monocrystal silicon solar
High solar energy convert efficiency: over than >16%
Size:   282x205x20mm
Weight:  900g

Please Note:
Ultrasonic mosquito killer 40~80000HZ auto frequency conversion
USB Output voltage 5V can charge for cell phone, digital camera, DV, PDA and other digital products
Output voltage 16v can charge the products of 12V, the laptop of 16V
Output voltage 19v can charge all the standard laptop

when you power on the notebook (laptop), this equipment can automatically detect a smart charging voltage, and only charge for the right voltage, if not the right one, it can't work,At the same time, it supports for manual adjustment. Intelligent overpressure also has the overcurrent protection, when manually select the wrong time, it will automatically shutdown.



- AC 100~240V Adaptor 1pc
-Universal Connecting Cable 2pcs
-English Manual
-Camouflage bag
-Car DC
-DC 12~24V 2A charger 1 PC
- Mobile phone and Digital products connectors: 15pcs
- Laptop PC connectors: 15pcs