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12000mAh solar laptop charger

12000mAh Solar Battery Charger Panel for Laptop

Condition:Brand new,1-Year Warranty!
Our Price: CAD $99.98

The Solar Laptop Charger is built to utilize the sun’s energy to charge your laptop, mobile electronics, The larger capacity of built-in Power bank allowing you to use the solar charger to charge the portable battery, and then simply take that with you to charge your electronic devices at night or when it’s cloudy. giving you a total portable power station.

100% Safety Approved. This universal power adapter is NOT built cheap. It is built strong and durable and comes with important safety features such as overload protection-- to make sure extra electricity is never sent to your electronic devices, and short circuit protection-- to protect your electronics when accidentally connected with an incompatible adapter tip. If you want to power your expensive electronics on-the-go, then it will help you do that, all day long, and all while keeping your electronics 100% safe from harm.


  1. Larger Capacity of Li-Polymer Battery keeps backup power to 12000MAH, support the notebook continue working above 4 hours.
  2. Output current: 1A/5V, 2A/9-12V, 4A/16-19V , Support large trucks of battery recharge
  3. It comes with 28 adapters to make it compatible with most popular laptops (15 adapter) , cell phones (13adapter) and has a USB socket which works with most USB chargers those that come with iPods and iPhones.
  4. Be used to two way run power and has 5 functional design for output up to 5V, 9V, 12V, 16V, 19V, AC 100-240V.
  5. Exclusive output voltage regulator functionality, stable pressure drop "3%, which can protect your electronic products, extend the service life.
  6. Built-in short circuit, over charge, over discharge, Multiple protections
  7. With warming designed features of LED Lighting & High-frequency mosquito repellent feature
  8. Use of high-energy polymer lithium battery, the working environment temperature -10 °C to +70 °C, high security, no risk of explosion.



- AC100~240V Adaptor 1pc
- Laptop PC connectors 15pcs
- Mobile phone and Digital products connectors 15pcs
- Universal Connecting Cable 2pcs
- English Manual